Stressed cooking Extravaganza

Work was shitty.
Yay ~
I woke up at 5 am hungover and almost dying because my throat was so dry.
I have 1 million things to do for uni. And I have to study like c r a z y.
But yeah. I came home and I was sooo stressed out. I just started cooking. Like. 3 main courses.
I kid you not.
Yes a bit.


I didn’t say “I love you” to hear it back. I said it to make sure you knew.


"Regrets are the most useless form of guilt. They always arrive too late to do any good."
– Eileen Wilks (via 2k58)

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About Kissing, lazy Sundays and the comfort of Romeo and Juliet

Yesterday was intense. Too much drinking. 
We kissed again and then he left with someone else.
I got an awesome hug from the fairy godfather of the drunks. That kinda really tight long hug were you breath in and for a second everything feels fine.
I got told I’m the typ of girl that is so confident and sassy and picks the guy she wants and not be content with what’s leftover. 
I find it slightly amusing that I don’t see myself as overly confident but yet I come across like that. Today was a haze. Sleepy lazy hazy day.
I should seriously stop feeling sorry for myself.
A good friend told me once that regrets are for sour losers.
I just sometimes feel like I care too much and get emotionally attached to quickly. Cause there are some people who do not like me. Who are not worth of my time but I get so upset about it. 
And I need to stop wearing my heart on a sleeve. 

Gonna watch Romeo+Juliet the 1996 version because I love it.
So. much.


to people that sleep with their bedroom doors open:you are brave but you are going to die young

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Fucking Beer Fear !

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck


Spooning is the greatest shit. Feeling someones body against yours, with their strong arm around your chest, and their hot, somewhat sticky breath against your neck, while you think, this is not as sexy as I’d imagine it to be, but it doesn’t fucking matter because another human being wants to squish their body against yours and sacrifice the comfort of their other arm, which awkwardly sits between you or above you causing them to lose all feeling in it. And that is amazing.