Walking in Hongdae with 13cm is never easy. The pavement wants me dead.

What a difference 180 degrees make

Put the pillow on the other side of the bed.
You’re sleeping.

Ugh my back hurts and I’ve given up the idea of sleep. I wanna have some triangle gimbap though… 3:58 is a decent time to have a craving for that.
But I don’t feel like putting on either a bra or pants.
And 편의점’s etiquette says you need both.


I hate it when my whole body is dead tired and my mind just won’t shut the fuck up.


Guess who katalked me: the ajussi
Guess who is going to get married: the ajussi
Guess who wants to drink beer with me: the ajussi
Guess who doesnt want that: me.

Guess who’s pretty much beyond the valley of amazing: You