Drinking Beer alone & talking to the baby ahusshi

Had a bit of trouble with my Goshiwon Landlord. Had to rush home to switch rooms. Packed EVERYTHING.
And then got told I could stay in my room. So I unpacked everything again.

Went to Hangang with friends.
And now I’m home drinking beer hoping it will make me sleepy~~
Started talking with this 30year old guy that works in Jungno and has the face of a 12year old. He’s cute.
Dimples. So. Damn. Fine.
Anyway he’s seriously cute.
I told him about my day and he said if anything happens with my room I need to tell him. He’s gonna help me~
He’s really sweet.
Still it’s -1km
Sooo I kinda don’t take anyone serious. Cause I dunno.
Don’t trust any boys at the moment.
And it’s 1km.
But talking to the baby ahjusshi is nice. Really nice.
Aaaand I’ll be gone in 2 weeks ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

How do you know English?


English and I met at a party a few weeks ago

I’m tired of being annoyed all the time by the 오스트리아 친구들이.
I try my hardest and but I feel so drained after meeting them for an hour.
Their comments are still childish, rude and just plain annoying.
“Why is this like that?”
“Korea is weird!”
“Why is this so gross?”
“I want to eat something normal, something good!”

Had a wonderful day yesterday with my lovely Yonsei Friend. We had food. Went to Dongdaemun. Had 녹차빙수 at Wicked Snow. Afterwards we met Mia and puppy M for luxurious 삼겹살.
Happy days.

Sister & Laundry

Had a good long talk with the best sister ever~~ Told her about the annoying little naive kids. She just told me not to care too much. If they don’t like something. Their loss.
If they are putting themselves out there and want to attract sleazy men.
They should watch out.
Not me.
I just feel bad that their number one priority is to meet korean guys.

Me being a 언니. I tried hardcore.
To show them everything. But they just don’t care.

They wanted to meet me but I wanted to do some laundry instead.
I care more about my towels and white t-shirts being clean than sitting at home with you.
And THAT says a whole lot.


OMG my heart is breaking!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is an old lady having tiny kittens in a box and giving them away at hongdae exit 9.
Seriously. I wanna take both of them so bad. Take them home with me. Love them. Cuddle them.
Guys you don’t understand.
They are soooo tiny.
Baby. Freaking. Kitten.

Please someone take these sweet little baby cats and give then a good home.

Being called beautiful

Tonight I got called pretty& beautiful sooo many times. I don’t know how to deal with that.
Ehm. Thank you ?
Thanks for making me feel special.

Club Naked & adidas boy

Me and lifelovekorea are in Hongdae.
Went to have 소맥& then went to Club Naked were I saw the cutest guy with glasses and an adidas shirt.
So sweet. So cute~~~

"And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you."
– The Chaos of Stars (Kiersten White)

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