I have a date tomorrow

wish me luck.
I’m really really bad with these…

불행했음 좋겠다 - 산이

So… this is what they call fate

I opened the 1km app today in Vienna to see how many people around me use it. And yeah there were 2 guys. As expected not popular in austria.
Anywho one of the guys, a korean international student, lives like 30 minutes away from me and starts talking and we talk and talk and talk…. for about 9 hours now. He’s been here for a year already !

Guys. He is sooo nice. And so cute and sweet and dorky and just awww.
I think I kinda like him. And I’m gonna meet him next week on thursday.
And I’m really happy…
I hope he likes me…

"Wasn’t that the definition of home? Not where you are from, but where you are wanted."
– Abraham Verghese, Cutting of the Stone (via wordsnquotes)

(via lifelovekorea)



(via lifelovekorea)


I’m writing this while I’m on the plane and going to post it later.
So far. I slept 1 hour.
Watched 4 movies (Miss Granny and Hotblooded Youth & X-Men:Days of future past and The fault in our stars) and a bit of Gag Concert (with no subtitles which meant I only understood a bit but it still soo funny).
There is this mean,fat, bald guy two rows in front of me that whenever we get food orders at least seconds, raided the toilet for mouth wash, wears crocs and did not want to switch seats so a mom of two kids could sit with them. Bastard.
I’m thinking what I’ll do tomorrow.
In Vienna. Austria.
Trying to get back into a routine I guess. Trying to go back where I left.
Ahhh. I need to check my debit card balance cause I spent soooo freaking much in Korea. It was so worth it though. But, I want to save a lot of money for February. And I kinda need a new phone.
Ahhh~ 6 weeks are nothing.
Time?? Where did you go???
Anywho I feel so happy that I could spent those weeks in Korea and with my lovely lovely friends. I’m gonna miss you all so much. I will try hard to come back!!!

Last Friday in Seoul

I don’t wanna leave.
I really don’t.
I have to come back in February. I just have to.

ughhh I need 코감기약 soo bad

Also the thought of moving around with my huuuge bags in seoul does not make me happy


Last night was interesting. I`ve been talking to this one guy on kakao and he is the most honest guy ever. Also very persistent. For example I was on my way to Hanyang yesterday and he asking me what I was doing so I just wrote 지하철 타고있다, riding the train, and I asked him oh what are you doing to which he replied 야동봐, watching porn. Wiiiiith some dick pics and the obligatory 어때??? 
Anywho I was not the brightest girl last night cause me and my roommate went out for some beer and snacks. 편의점맥주 for the win. BUT I am super super super sick. And usually I NEVER EVER EVER mix cold medicine with beer. And some of you who`ve tried  korean medicine. That stuff is strong. But I`m really sick. Anywho I had one beer. Just one. And OMG I felt soooo drunk after like half an hour. Fortunately we were just back home in time and my roommate had an important skype date. That`s when the honest guyetalked to me again. I was in a daring kinda mood. So we had a little bit of a naughty convo. I`m actually impressed that I managed everything in korean. But then again I was re-reading everything today and sometime  my korean was like….not making sense at all. Hahahaa. Anyway,….apparently that guy thinks we are a thing now. Uhm what?? Oh don`t worry I`m your boyfriend now. Uhm. No. It takes more than dick pics, honesty and naughty drunken texts to be in a relationship with me.